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Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Xiaoshan

Ramada Plaza Xiaoshan Hangzhou the championship by zhejiang championship holding group invest money to build 250 million new business resort hotel, to join the world's largest wyndham hotel management group's "RAMADA PLAZA" brand.Ramada Plaza Xiaoshan Hangzhou is located in hangzhou's most development potential of linjiang industrial zone, covers an area of 20000 square meters, a total construction area of 41069.77 square meters, including the floor area of 35740.38 square meters (including business area of 4000 square meters, the rest of the hotel), underground area of 5329.39 square meters, a total of 282 motor vehicle parking Spaces, a total of 170 guest rooms with administrative and business. The function of the mixer features perfect supporting facilities services Show the excellent quality of the hotel Conference system is the characteristic of hangzhou championship ramada plaza hotel, Ramada Plaza Xiaoshan Hangzhou has 1600 square meters large conference system, the largest meeting room can hold 800 people for a number of special conference and exhibition, 10 shall be equipped with small and medium-sized meeting rooms are held various meetings, an ideal place for exhibition and training. Chinese food hall with 200 seats and have 15 different styles of luxury box can meet the needs of guests for various food.Cozy and elegant restaurant has 150 seats, will provide guests with various flavors of gourmet food, will provide hotel service function was improved.Ramada plaza hotel hangzhou the championship will be river new town grade, ascension in the hangzhou river development focus to promote the development of river new town.See egrets dance, smell wetlands reed catkins scent, the sky is very clear.